i’d like to take this oportunity to wish all SFR’s listeners and supporters a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

may you all get what you wish for.

Barnsley Sime. Dec 08.

if you don’t know already, drunk punk, aka 4 dinners is the newest recruit on SCOOTER FORUMS RADIO and he’s doing a christmas special this coming sunday. he’s live from 9pm GMT until his vodka runs out, or just before his nose hits the keyboard, whichever happens first!


so thats a good few hours at least……and thats not all…..

as has become tradition over the last couple of years, i’m doing an xmas eve show! starting at 8pm GMT and going through to a minimum of 12:30/1am, it’s going to be a cracker…(pardon the pun). it’s a covers show, and i have some absolute doozy’s for you!


if you can’t get to hear my show, it will be podcast at a later date, dinners….well, i dunno, thats up to him, and if he’s sober enough to remember to record it!

and theres more………

watch this space…. a new dj is coming! more details to follow….

lets see if anyone can guess who it may be.

truth is, there may be more than one…..anything up to three or four depending. i’ll keep you up to date.


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