Je Suis Natalie’s Subcultured Show.

Sundays 6-8pm


natalie has been doing a podcast which she posts to Soundcloud for around 13 weeks now and i was lucky enough to be sent a link to it by someone, and after only 20 minutes or so i thought “SFR needs this lass”. from sheffield but currently working in manchester, at 22, Nat has to be one of THE most musically clued in young women i have ever met. her show will still be a podcast, but instead of the hour long version the soundcast crowd get, Nat has gracefully said she will provide an extended one for us at SFR, which will be broadcast before the Sunday Social.


Ben Adlam

Wednesday 12-2pm, Midweek musical motivation from a self confessed music junkie, compulsive list maker and CD re-arranger.

Oldies, Newies and all points inbetween, the smoothest soul to the punkiest punk. If it’s on the right list, Ben will play it!

He’s always on the lookout for new tracks to start lists with, if you have one you can Twitter him on @BenAdlam.

He IS the last customer.


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