do me a favour folks, get voting for this young lady. her name is Lauren and if she gets enough votes she can progress to the next part of a competition.

i asked her if i could play the song on my show and post her info here, and this was her reply:

“Thats brilliant! Thanks so much, of course I dont mind. I’m really excited!!!! If you want I can send you the MP3 file. The competition ends 26th July and people can vote by clicking the green vote button 10 times each visit (important, asmost people dont realise this) every 24 hours.

I need to be in top 25 to get considered by judges panel which includes top music producer Desmond Child that has worked with Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Kiss!! As of today Iam at no. 24 as o f now but constantly movng in and out the 25 top videos! So It doesn’t put me off that those at the top have over 100k votes, as hopefully the judges will see past t!his!!

Thanks fo helping, its amazing how many people Idont actualy know that are trying to help me

Lauren x”

so do it. go vote, and lets get her through!



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